There’s a reason major medical associations, law enforcement and drug treatment agencies and many others, have voiced concern and opposition to legalizing today’s high potency marijuana for recreational use.

States that have legalized pot are now facing the impact it’s having on both youth and adults, driving impairment and car fatalities, emergency room admissions, poison control center calls, crime and homelessness.

There’s a cost to society and families. The scant revenue that marijuana has brought into Colorado is less than .8 percent of their budget. But the negative consequences to families are immeasurable.

Maybe you haven’t made up your mind on this issue of recreational marijuana. If so, we urge you to watch this forum, to hear the truth from Jo McGuire, who is well-versed on the issue.

Jo McGuire serves on the board of directors for the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association and co-chairs the Marijuana Education Committee. She is also a DATIA Certified Professional Collector and Trainer (CPCT) and a Certified Designated Employee Representative Trainer (CDERT) who consults and trains professionals overseeing Safety Sensitive Employees in the compliance of federal DOT guidelines for drug and alcohol screening programs. Jo assists educators with classroom and assembly-style presentations aimed at youth drug prevention and parent awareness and education.