For every dollar in marijuana tax revenue in Colorado, the negative societal costs are $4.50.

An astonishing report by the Centennial Institute was released on November 15, 2018 that gives irrefutable evidence that any revenue from legalization of marijuana is far outweighed by the negative costs to society. Furthermore, the economic and social costs in this report are intentionally low and the comprehensive costs are likely much higher.

The chart from the executive summary should give Illinois lawmakers great pause before they dive head first into opening this Pandora’s Box. Can Illinois afford these costs that will undoubtedly come from legalizing high potency marijuana?

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In January a bill will be introduced to legalize high potency marijuana. Big Marijuana is very well funded by billionaires like George Soros and they have been working hard to move into Illinois. They tell lawmakers exactly what they want to hear, knowing full well they have no intention of abiding by any regulations that would hurt their bottom line.

What many are not aware of is the environmental impact of growing marijuana. Wildlife, soil and water are being poisoned. CLICK HERE.

Unless there is an outpouring of opposition from voters, Illinois will become the latest state to put more drugged drivers on our roads and more drugs into the hands of our children.

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